It is easier to become sad than to be happy. Happiness is sweet but yet very difficult to get and keep. What must one do to become happy? What about to keep being happy? Read this article to learn ways in which you can become and stay happy

What to do to become and stay happy 

A wise man once said that a pilot would have to keep doing what he did that made a plane fly if he wants to keep the plane in air. These wise words simply means that a pilot would have to

  • Learn how to fly a plane
  • Keep practicing what he has learnt

For better understanding of this article, it would be shared in two:

  1. How to become happy
  2. And how to keep being happy

I hope you’ll like the points

How to become happy 

Know why you aren’t happy

There are countless reasons people stay sad. Everyone has unique reasons why they’re sad. For most people, the reason of them being sad is known. If you don’t know your reason, meditate about it and keep examining yourself.

Solve what’s making you sad

After you’ve known the reason you’re sad, try to solve it if it’s solvable. If the reason you’re sad is not easily solved (thinking about the death of a loved one, ….), let time heal you.

Check the people around you 

Sometimes, people get sad when they’re not with the right set of people. Perhaps you may want to do something but you’re getting zero or very low encouragement from your friends, you’ll definitely feel sad. Be with people who add value to your life

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Don’t dwell in the past 

Regret is poisonous if you do nothing about it. Apart from regret, the past can haunt you if there’s an action you’re supposed to do but didn’t do. To let go of the past, do what is right. To let go of past regrets, apologise to who you should apologise to and forgive yourself.


Do meaningful actions

Don’t do what you’ll regret in the future. Ask yourself: what do people know me for? Do they know me as someone planning to have a bright future? Do they know me as someone who lives a wayward life? When you answer positive to these questions, you’ll see that happiness will come.

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When you act in harmony with what the aforementioned points teach, you’ll surely become happy. Now remember that this article teaches how to become and stay happy. Since we’ve learnt how to become happy, let’s proceed to how to stay happy. Keep reading….

Always be optimistic