An enemy (singular for enemies) is the opposite of a friend. Your enemy doesn’t want your good and doesn’t like it when you’re happy. Your enemy especially wants your growth/development in a certain aspect of life to be halted. What have you done to make someone (or a group of people) to be your enemy? What can you do to lessen the amount of your enemies? Read this article.

How to make an enemy

Hurt him/her

The fastest way to upset people and to lead them to develop hurtful intentions against you is to hurt them. Whether they sensed you purposely hurt them or not, they’ll surely keep what you did in their minds till you apologise and/or make things straight.

Don’t apologise

When people hurt you, you’d likely want an apology. Same goes vice versa. It pains people when you don’t apologise. It’ll pain them more if you don’t apologise and start arguing after they told you that you hurt them.

Refuse to offer help

If you purposely refuse to help others when they know you would’ve been of great help to them, it hurts them more than injuries. They’ll feel rejected by you. This is a quick way to make enemies

Never help

Okay it seems fair enough if you couldn’t help someone cause you weren’t able to at that time. How come though, do you come up with this excuse or that excuse whenever the issue of helping this particular person is being raised? The person in question may start feeling that you’re just coming up with these excuses.

Impression matters a lot

Even if you don’t act wicked, people can feel the wickedness in you. The way you start-up or respond to conversations shows people a lot about you even if you may not know. When people feel that you’re acting in a certain negative way, they may start avoiding you and in time, may develop hurtful intentions for you.

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As noted above, points 1 and 3 are voluntary while points 4 and 5 aren’t voluntary. The second point may or may not be voluntary. This means that we can make enemies whether we want them or not. How them can we lessen the amount of enemies we have? Please continue reading…

Do good and you’ll be bad mouthed. Do bad and you’ll be hated. Do whatever you want to do. Be yourself