Chronophobia is the fear of the future. Some people are afraid of the approaching future for different reasons. Read this article to know few symptoms about chronophobia, reasons for it and cure.


Loose of focus

You won’t have enough focus to keep up a task. You’ll doubt if what you’re doing is worth doing and would want to try something new.

Too much thinking

What can i do? How can i do it? You would have countless thoughts going through your mind. You’ll especially think about the future and fear if you’d make it Read Overwhelming thoughts

Believing too much

Since you’re unsure about what to do to have a successful future, you’ll want to believe almost anything people tell you. this would result to…

Too much activities

The fear of the future would make you become very unsettled. You’d want to do almost anything and yet you won’t have satisfaction with what you’re doing.

In-depth fear

No matter what you do, there’ll always be a fear within you. The fear of the future would make you dissatisfied in both thoughts and actions. The fear of the future is felt by almost everyone at specific periods in their lives. If you’ve ever felt it or you’re feeling it now, here are some reasons why you’re afraid of the future.

Reasons for the fear of the future

Study of the society

In a situation where things are falling apart, people get scared. When a society is not as progressive as others, the youths in it become scared because of an unsettled mind.

Failed promises

Maybe you’ve planned your life relying on the promises of others and theses people later fail you. This would make you become afraid of the future because you would not know where to start from.


There’s a rainbow in the future