The word unique simply means to stand out in the midst of others, to possess a rear quality not everyone has. This article will teach why one would be unique and how can one be unique

Been unique like earlier defined, means to be different from others in a particular sense. This word, although a word everyone likes and wants, comes with its own risks and fears. Before you’d be positivity unique, you’ve got to do some certain things. Read this POST to know why been unique could create a better future for you (necessary) and this POST to know why been unique is compulsory. Now talking about uniqueness, it’s an outstanding quality that if everyone possesses, could deliver a range of options to choose while exploring. This quality is very beautiful to the ears but it’s not what people easily do. In order to know how to be unique, we’ve got to know why most people prefer to do things the already done ways and not stand out

Too much pressure

You’ve decided to act in a way uncommon to the people around you. These people would ridicule you for been different and this pressure actually makes some people not to act different.

Fear of the future

A trending course in school is engineering and there are only few people offering psychology. Your true calling is psychology but everyone you know are into engineering. When you think of physiology, you remember that there isn’t much jobs been offered for people in that course. This fear is what am talking about. The fear your decision might not result as planned.


Your family is endowed with doctors and your fathers the largest hospital around. You’re supposed to read medicine to carry on the family’s name. This causes a word I call ‘follow follow’.

With these three points, let’s bring principles to consider before falling for either of them.

1. Never let the people around you to describe your future. Yes, don’t act because people pressure you. Act because it’s right. Even if people are persuading you to do the right thing, don’t do it because they told you. Do it cause it’s right.

2. Been different means you’re a pioneer. Yep, standing out simply means you’ve started something new. Follow others in the other hand, you might get employed. Been employed, you’re living someone else’s dream of owning a big company and employing people. Been unique, you’ll suffer and most probably would start a new company and employ people.

3. No tree can outgrow its umbrella. If you continue a family culture, you’re actually doing a good thing to the family. But personally, you haven’t fulfilled your reason for living. This means when you might be described by someone to another, you would be noted as a member of that family not someone known for his own accomplishment.

Now why should one be unique?

  1. You’ve made your own name
  2. You’ve created a new part for others to follow
  3. You’re now a source of inspiration to other people
  4. You’ve broken free off the comfort zone because it’s something others hardly can do

These are among the limitless reasons you should embrace uniqueness.

So how can one be unique? Keep reading

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