We learn lessons from everything we encounter in life. We learn lessons from anything. How bout the least expected? Read this article to learn valuable lessons from the ones we can teach: children. The lessons from children are as cool as they sound.

10 lessons from children

Always be happy

Yes you may get sad but try as much as you can to maintain your cool. Children cry but in no time, they become happy again.

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Always be optimistic

There is no bad news to a child. Children will always try to see a bright future. Being with children, you’ll feel their hope for the future. This is among the value lessons from children.


Well, this is only applicable when you apply the preceding point. By the time you’re optimistic, you’ll find different routes to your goals when one route seems blocked. Children will always look for ways to play even if they are opposed.


Always forgive

When someone sins against you, don’t try to keep grudges against him/her. Always try as much as you can to forgive whoever sins against you. This is among the lessons from children that’ll make you to be more harmonic to your society

Select the people you’re with

No matter how cute, loving and approachable a child is, he/she wouldn’t allow just anyone to carry him/her. Children tend to know and stick with positive people. You should learn this from children. Stick with people who add value to you and not with negative people.

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Love and respect the people around you

When you’ve found value in someone, express love and respect towards the person. There is no love that isn’t expressed out. Children are very obedient and submissive to people they love.

Ask questions

You know how children always ask questions. Questions like: why is the sky blue? Why are leaves green? Etc are asked by children simply because they want to know more. If ever you’re curious, don’t hide your curiosity. Asking questions is among the valuable lessons from children

Stay firm to your decision

If a child intends to do something, he/she would definitely do it. Even if other stuffs may distract a child, he/she would still do what he/she intended doing. We should copy this from children. Let your yes stay yes and act yes. Let your no stay no and act no

Adjust your step when the need arises

In addition, when children get corrected from doing something wrong they intended doing, they change. We should also learn this. We should not let ego to make us do what we’ll later regret. Take corrections

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Stay cool

No matter what happens in life, keep your cool. Stay happy, play, keep being with positive people, smile and live a joy filled life.

These are what children teach us