To sum up, the marshmallow test is to test for patience when under the pressure of a temptation in front of you. If you’re overcome by the temptation, you’ll lose the better reward in the future. What can we get from this test? How can we test ourselves or people around us (maybe children) for how enduring we/they are? Read this article

How the marshmallow test is conducted

The marshmallow test is conducted by giving a child something enticing (maybe a toy) and promising him/her that if he/she could hold it without using it (or eating it if it’s a food), you’ll give him/she something even more enticing (maybe a phone). You have to show him/her the reward so he/she would have a reason or two to patiently wait.

While some children would patiently wait for their phones, others wouldn’t. Applying this kind of test to yourself, how sure are you that you’ll be able to patiently wait for your reward? Read more about the test at Wiki

What can we learn from the test?

Teaches endurance

How enduring are you? Endurance means not giving way to external influences even though they may be great. In the test, you have to be with something that you can’t resist for a long time. how far can you stay without using/eating it?

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Teaches decisiveness

Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no. When you say you’ll do something, do it. When you agree not to do something, don’t  do it.

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How far can you keep up with your decision?

There is a Nigerian proverb (Igbo) which states that ‘if you know you can’t wait till the end, don’t wait at all’. Stick to your decision

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Better things ahead

Why settle for less? You already know that there’s something big in the future yet you prefer the temporary enjoyment. This is a powerful lesson. Try to achieve your goals

With these few points, apply the lessons gotten from the marshmallow test into your everyday life.