Humans think more than 50,000 thoughts in a day. Some of theses are for important purposes while others are irrelevant. How do these thoughts affect us and the people around us? How are our thoughts more powerful than we can imagine? Read this article

A few facts about our thoughts

More negative to positive thoughts

People these days tend to hand around negative thoughts. People prefer dwelling in the hurtful past than in the bright future. This has resulted to people mostly feeling sad and remorseful.

We have unlimited thoughts

We can think of everything. We can think of anything. I can be in Nigeria but yet am thinking about what’s happening at India or America or United Kingdom….. I can think of anything

No thought is easier to think than the other

Why do we easily think that our money would be stolen rather than we’ll see a high amount of money when walking? We tend to easily think negative things than positive things but the truth is that all thoughts are easily processed in our minds whether positive or negative.

With these few facts, let us examine some reasons why we should be careful with our thoughts

Why we should be careful with our thoughts

  • They give impressions about people
  • They give impressions about places
  • We speak what we think
  • We act in accord with what we think
  • Too much thinking of problems without solutions just makes us stagnant
  • The world is looking for thinkers and innovators.
  • Just one negative though about someone or something may ruin all good impressions we earlier had
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Now we know why we should be careful of our thoughts. What then should we think about?

What should we think about?

  • Think about life-enhancing thoughts when idle. Read Effects of being idle
  • When there’s a problem, think of the solution. Read Making things happen
  • When you have a certain issue bothering you, research how people in the past overcame such issue then think of how you can apply what you’ve learnt
  • Think about the failures of others and what you can do not to fail. Read Dealing with mistakes
  • Keep good memorable items so when you look at them, you’ll remember and think about good occurrences in your life

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