Walking could be defined simply as the act of using your two legs to move from place to place. Hiking however could mean walking on an adventure for either the purpose of sport or adventure. This post would teach the benefits of walking

Benefits of walking

It takes away bad memories

If you’re feeling very sad, or angry, perhaps you’re feeling stressed, walking is a perfect remedy. How? When we see places, our brain easily magnets the feelings inside of us to places. I’ve said this once in an earlier post: funny how our brain works. It works like this: the more you’re thinking about your problems while you’re walking and seeing new places, the less sad thoughts would occur in your mind. Just breathe and let your legs heal you.

Keeps good memories

If you’ve ever passed a place where something funny or something positively remarkable happens, you’ll remember anytime you pass through there again. Perhaps you had a marriage proposal at that specific place, you’ll always be smiling whenever you pass there again.

Gives new thoughts/feelings

As the continuation of the above, walking to new places would give you new thoughts. Maybe something remarkable happened while you’re walking, you’ll start discussing it with people around you. If you’ve never seen a river, then you walked through it someday, there’ll be a magical feeling within you.

You’ll feel a sense of adventure

While hiking, you’ll See new places, you’ll come across new things and experiences. You’ll feel an inward happiness within you. A thought to stay would occur in your mind but you know must live. That’s adventure for you.

You’ll have the chance to be who you want to be

If you’re in a new environment you’ll be able to act in a new way. If you’ve ever had a bad behavior, you’ll feel like throwing it away. For once you’ll free.

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It frees your mind

Sometimes, people think too much. When you walk and take a joke, you’ll feel relieved.

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Keep walking…..