The Earth is round therefore when one part is reached by the sun, other parts are covered in darkness. A round earth makes it impossible for light/darkness to be everywhere at the same time. what lessons can we learn from it? Read this article

The light would surely come

Every disaster has an end

Instead of being pessimistic about your situation, look at the bright side. It’ll surely be over. Sooner or later, every disasters would surely pass away.

Your death doesn’t end the world

Don’t be suicidal because your burden could also be faced by others. If you’re able to pass through your burden, you could be of great help to others.

There’s always a difference beyond

When you’re feeling down all the time, it could be an indication that you need new people and feelings in your life. Look beyond your darkness and search for the light. Since we’re living in a round earth, there’ll surely be positive people to boost your mood.


Darkness will surely come 

Never be anxious

Darkness is inevitable. You can try to but you’ll never be able to fully avoid darkness so why  be anxious about it all the time. Everyone have experienced sadness in one way or the other so just as you were able to pass through your former experiences, keep being hopeful that you’ll overcome the next.

You being in the light could be a solution for those in the dark

By the time you remember that we’re applying the principle we get from the round earth, you’ll surely know that people may be in need of your help. Help anyone in any way you can. Show your light to everyone. Let me give an illustration of WiFi networks. When you’re in your house, the network may be weaker than when you’re in your friend’s house. Your friend allowing you to stay for a longer time at his/her place may be of great help to you. This act of kindness means he/she is extending the light to you.

Save for the rainy days

We all know how the ants gather their foods at the time of surplus and consume them at the time of need. Now that you’re in a better situation than before, try to avoid the impact of any negative situation that would soon come (recall that it’s inevitable). Save money so you won’t become broke, save food so you won’t become hungry, invest so you’d have more in the future.

A round earth means that the light doesn’t last forever

Enjoy the enjoyable time you have now. Don’t let anxiety steal off your joy and don’t worry too much. Always be optimistic. Never be pessimistic.