These days, the easiest way to make friends is through the social media. Even if you meet someone physically at first, you’ll surely ask if he/she is online via Whatsapp or any other platform. There’s no doubt that social media has taken over the world. What is the definition of social media when we look at it by its true essence? What are some facts about social media? Read this article

Defining social media

When we look how people display their achievements via Facebook or twitter, rush to inform just anyone about anything via Whatsapp, there’s no doubt that social media is the expression of pride. Its definition therefore is the online platform of expressing pride.

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Few reasonable facts

We can’t live without our phones

The major reason why people feel they can’t survive without their phones is because they fear they’ll lose connection with their online pals and become off-trend. How true?

Life is actually better without social media

The truth is when people stay off their phones for a while and lose their connection to the internet, they tend to see life or its true essence. Theses days, there’s mass repentance, innovation, focus (to achieving one’s goal) and many other positive within the period of staying away from these online platforms.

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Best friends don’t need social media

Social media is simple irrelevant for best friends because they became besties when they saw their mutuality physically. Best friends tend to discuss more important issues face to face and more irrelevant issues online.

Neither of these online platforms have produced any of the richest people in the world

Mark Zuckerberg and the likes didn’t become rich by constantly being online. They were rich by being innovative and creating such online platforms. Henceforth, know that you can’t be like Mark when you’re constantly online. You can only be like him when you’re innovative like him.

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There’s a greater display of easy come easy go wealth online

Recall that monetary crime inspection agencies get most of their suspects online. People who work hard for their wealth won’t have time to display it online because they’ll be busy making more money or thinking of other ways to make more money. When you see people displaying wealth online, don’t just want their wealth, be curious about how they made it.

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 Truth or dare

The both of us (you and I) played a game of truth or dare and you chose dare for three(3) times in a role. Here is the list of what i dare you to do.

  • Clear your Whatsapp chat (store important attachments though) and don’t start a conversation with anyone unless it’s very important. this’ll test your addiction to Whatsapp and show you how irrelevant some people are to you.
  • Go to Facebook and write on your wall (make it public) that you’ll be deleting your account soon. Wait for people to start begging you not to and read your chat with each of these people. This’ll help you determine how useful/worthless your Facebook friends are to you.
  • Buy a small phone that can’t access the internet, insert your sim cards (from your smart phone) and switch off your smart phone. When you do this, you’ll be able to determine how long you can cope without social media. As a bonus, it’ll also help you know your true friends because they’ll call you when they notice you’ve been offline for a while

This article was indeed eye-opening. Make sure you’re online for a good purpose all the time. It’ll be a great help in your path to your friends if you share this article to them.