This earth we leave in isn’t just ours. It is here to stay. Sadly, we don’t maintain it as we should. Let’s try to keep the earth as perfect as possible. What does saving the environment require us to do? Read this article to learn how to make the natural world a better place.

Why we should save our planet

There are countless reasons why we should save our planet (environment). I was listening to songs in my phone then I stumbled upon a song by the popular dinosaur ‘Barney and friends’. Please read the lyrics of the first part and the chorus of the song:

Think about the deep blue sea, think about the plants and trees. Think about the way you live everyday… Everyday is earth day. Wherever we roam, the earth is our home. Everyday is earth day. It’s time to be aware, it’s time to show we care.

From the lyrics above and the addition of other points, here are some reasons why we should take care of the environment:

Our recreational/tourist locations are at stake

Who doesn’t like tourism? Who hates the beach? Do you know that such places may no longer exist if we don’t take care of our environment? Can you swim in a dirty water? If these places should stay, we’ve got actions to do

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Mother nature is weeping bitterly

Now men have found multiple uses of trees and plants. Instead of increasing the source of wood, food, paper, etc, we’re only increasing the supply. How can the trees keep up with the demand? If we must still have food, wood, paper, etc, we’ve got work to do

Our conscience should be considered

Don’t you just feel remorseful when you throw your trash in a clean street? How would you feel if someone broke an egg in a floor you just mopped? According to these two questions, we know that even our conscience yearns for a healthy planet. For we to live a fulfilled life, we know what to do.

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These aforementioned points and many others are reasons why we should maintain the environment.

What we must know

Before we embark on any journey in life, we need to understand the journey and know how to complete the journey. Please take note of the following:

  • The environment means the places around you so taking care of the environment is an action mostly affected by our locality
  • We just can’t do it alone. Getting help from others and helping them to love the environment is a good course.
  • Never think that the earth can’t be destroyed. The earth is already facing lots of damages so try not to put more

How to save the environment

Please take to heart the following ways we can use to secure a beautiful planet

It starts with our mentality

You just won’t do the right thing continuously unless the inner you has a genuine reason to do it. Let’s use Nigeria as a case study. Nigeria as a country is filled with people who view dirt as nothing. They don’t care how clean their environment is. If we are to maintain a clean environment, we need orientation. We need to see things the right way. Let’s stop viewing abnormal things as normal and bad things as not so bad.

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Future mentality matters the most

Children are everywhere and they do what they see adults do. Let’s educate our children into doing the right things. Teach them about the hygiene of our environment. Teach them the uses of trash cans. Show them the value of recyclable items.

Don’t be shy to express your love for the environment

Sometimes, we may see friends throwing trash the wrong way but we may not do anything about it cause we’re afraid they might laugh at us and call us ‘their mum’. Let’s try as much as we can to educate and enforced people to do the right thing no matter what it costs us

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Think recycle

  • Government should encourage recycling industries
  • Everyone should be aware of such industries and try to recycle their recyclable used items.
  • Parents should show their children the unbeatable benefits of recycling used items.

I went home from school for holiday and I saw a child keeping aside his plastic bottle. I asked him why then he said that a new plastic recycling company has been built on a street not too far and they’re rewarding children who recycle their used plastics. This child did the right thing cause he was aware about it and he had a source of encouragement. Likewise, we should try to recycle our metals and plastics cause such industries are in our country.

Don’t burn

Because of poor mentality, many people choose to burn their recyclable items. Burning is bad. Burning makes us to waste our recyclable items and also spoils the air we breathe. Please don’t burn

Provide alternate means

You don’t discourage a bad behaviour and just go cause it might come back again. You should also encourage a good behaviour. If people should stop throwing trash everywhere, there should be trash cans. Always ensure to provide alternate means

Please let’s take care of our earth. We’ve got no other

There’s no home like the one you’ve got cause that one belongs to you~bolt